OxCap Valuations
25 February 2022

Why Emerging Markets Part 3: Valuations are Cheap

We examine why emerging markets are cheap on a comparable valuation perspective by taking a closer look at the difference in valuations between US and Chinese technology companies.

Quarterly Dec 21
24 February 2022

Quarterly Note: December 2021

Our inaugural quarterly note provides context as to why we’re excited about the prospects for emerging markets.

24 February 2022

Country in Focus: Indonesia

Indonesia is primed for significant consumption and urbanisation growth over the coming decade – we examine the key drivers.

Morningstar investment conference
24 February 2022

Emerging Markets at the Morningstar Investment Conference

Dr. Joseph Lai discusses the case for emerging markets in this video with Morningstar.

18 February 2022

Chinese Listings in the US: Risky or Prospective?

Amidst increased regulatory scrutiny in China and the possible future delisting of US-listed Chinese securities, are Chinese ADRs prospective at current prices?

Energy 2
18 February 2022

Energy and the Transition to a Net Zero 2050

Where does the transition to net zero leave the oil industry and how can we as investors objectively assess investment in the energy sector?

Carbon and Energy
17 February 2022

Energy Production and Carbon Emission Pricing

Energy is critical for the economic advancement of developing countries. But as the demand for energy rises, how can we achieve carbon net zero?

13 December 2021

China is Self-Calibrating For Future Success

We take a look at China’s broadening intervention on industries and why it’s essential to the country’s long term economic development.

5 November 2021

The Case for Emerging Markets: Part 2

Do emerging market economies have an image problem? We discuss why the reality is rosier than perception.

25 October 2021

Livewire Expert Insights: Joseph Lai’s first portfolio additions

Dr Joseph Lai discusses his investment theses for two emerging market stocks with huge potential with Livewire.