9 August 2022

Livewire Expert Insights: Are We at the Turning Point for Emerging Market Equities?

Dr Joseph Lai explains why he’s optimistic about emerging markets despite the macro headwinds still in play.

25 July 2022

Ausbiz TV Interviews

Dr Joseph Lai shares his market insights in these short video interviews with Ausbiz.

21 July 2022

Unpacking the Investment Opportunities in the Changing Asian Supply Chain

Vietnam, Indonesia and India are grasping the opportunity to become the factories of the world, reminiscent of the Chinese development story 20 years ago. We take a look at the investment opportunities arising from this shifting supply chain dynamic.

3 June 2022

INBrief with Joseph Lai

Dr. Lai spoke to The Inside Network about the opportunity set in emerging markets.

Liquidity shocks
25 March 2022

Profiting From Liquidity Shocks in Equity Markets

Liquidity shocks in equity markets can present powerful buying opportunities, as demonstrated by the recent Hong Kong Stock Exchange price action.

Livewire Fund in Focus
23 March 2022

Livewire Fund in Focus

Dr Joseph Lai explains how OxCap find mispriced opportunities in Asia and beyond in this Fund in Focus video.

25 February 2022

Why Emerging Markets Part 1: China

Regulatory reforms, a decade of deleveraging, consumption-fuelled growth and an abundance of savings – just some of the reasons we like China.

25 February 2022

Why Emerging Markets Part 2: The ASEAN Opportunity

Primed with a young labour force, enhanced trade agreements and key commodity exports, ASEAN is an exciting but largely overlooked opportunity.

OxCap Valuations
25 February 2022

Why Emerging Markets Part 3: Valuations are Cheap

We examine why emerging markets are cheap on a comparable valuation perspective by taking a closer look at the difference in valuations between US and Chinese technology companies.

Quarterly Dec 21
24 February 2022

Quarterly Note: December 2021

Our inaugural quarterly note provides context as to why we’re excited about the prospects for emerging markets.