21 May 2024

China Property: The Adjustment is Mostly Done

A great deal of adjustment has already taken place in the Chinese property sector. So much so, that in the economically vibrant parts of China, properties are already somewhat undersupplied.

17 May 2024

GEM is offering one of the biggest opportunities in a lifetime

Dr. Joseph Lai discussed compelling opportunities in emerging market equities at the Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2024.

9 May 2024

How our Quality, Growth and Valuation Investment Framework underpins our process

In this short video, hear from Dr Joseph Lai about QGV. Quality, Growth, and Valuation serves as the cornerstone of Ox Capital’s investment framework underpinning our process of selecting quality companies poised for sustainable long-term growth at attractive entry points.

3 May 2024

The Spigot is Set to Open

The Hong Kong stock market surged after the CSRC’s announcement promising support measures, contrasting with global market declines driven by US interest rate hike fears.

10 April 2024

China Equities: The Time is Nigh

Chinese equities are trading at extremely attractive levels, and in our view, the outlook is highly prospective for long term investors.

5 April 2024

A 21-hour day: The life of an EM fund manager

Investing in emerging markets can be fraught with extra risks. Money Management spoke with Ox Capital, along with other EM specialists, about how they navigate this challenge in their day-to-day fund management

3 April 2024

The MOAT: A Quantitative Tool to Track the Flow of Money

In this short video, we explain our proprietary quantitative model called the Macro Overlay Aggregate Tracker, otherwise known as ‘the MOAT’.

28 March 2024

Driving the way forward

China’s dynamic economy sees its automotive sector thriving as the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter, defying negative sentiment with strong domestic and competitive overseas performance.

28 March 2024

China Property: Reality vs. Noise

We expect the Chinese property market slowdown to have a limited economic impact. The moderate decline in property prices indicates a smaller-than-perceived property bubble.

13 March 2024

The OxCap MOAT

At Ox Capital, our investment framework is rooted in identifying quality businesses with long-term sustainable growth thematics to drive outperformance. In this piece, we explore our proprietary quantitative model called the Macro Overlay Aggregate Tracker (MOAT.)