5 April 2024

A 21-hour day: The life of an EM fund manager

Investing in emerging markets can be fraught with extra risks. Money Management spoke with Ox Capital, along with other EM specialists, about how they navigate this challenge in their day-to-day fund management

26 September 2023

Fund managers go bargain hunting in China

Speaking at the Fidante Equities Symposiums, Joseph Lai shared his views on the opportunities arising in the Chinese market.

19 September 2023

ABC News: Chinese developers exit Australian market as property crisis worsens in China

Dr Joseph Lai weighs in on the Australian property market in this ABC news feature.

7 August 2023

A fortunate outlook for China

Dr Joseph Lai sits down with Money Management to discuss two tailwinds which are making China a more appealing investment option for Australian investors.

11 July 2023

VIDEO: What next for China’s economy as deflation risk grows?

In this ABC News video, Dr. Joseph Lai discusses China’s post-COVID recovery and explains that it has been gradual due to the absence of stimulus measures seen in most economies.

23 February 2023

How this fundie is playing China’s reopening

Joseph Lai joined the Australian Financial Review for a Q&A covering how he’s playing China’s reopening, his mega-cap Asia EM stock pick, and which restaurant you’ll likely find the Ox Capital team for an afternoon wind down. (subscription required)

Inside Network
31 May 2022

‘Anomalous’ Short-Term Underperformance of EM Set to Reverse

The Inside Network provide a summary of Dr. Joseph Lai’s presentation at this year’s Equities and Growth Symposium.

Morningstar investment conference
24 February 2022

Emerging Markets at the Morningstar Investment Conference

Dr. Joseph Lai discusses the case for emerging markets in this video with Morningstar.

27 August 2021

Lai’s New Boutique Ready for the Year of the Ox

Investor Strategy News interviewed Dr Joseph Lai about the launch of OxCap.

5 July 2021

Joseph Lai’s Ox Capital is Centuries in the Making

Joseph Lai appeared in the AFR’s Monday Fundie to discuss the journey to OxCap and current emerging market themes.