Why Emerging Markets?

Over 70% of global growth and 60% of the world’s GDP comes from emerging markets. Yet it accounts for just 13% of the MSCI ACWI Index. This represents a significant investment opportunity for global investors who may be structurally under-exposed to emerging markets.

Economic growth rates

Are higher than developed world economies – driven by urbanisation and demand for better quality goods and services by increasingly wealthier consumers.

Emerging markets have come of age

Sophisticated, R&D-driven industries and consumer driven economies.

Strong domestic companies are emerging as leaders

Typically consumer cyclical stocks, internet and tech, healthcare, and innovative financial services. Developed market multi-nationals may no longer be the best way to capitalise on the growth of these sectors.

The Case for Emerging Markets: Part 1

In this thought piece we examine the drivers of persistent growth in emerging markets and why now is the time to capture this opportunity.

The Case for Emerging Markets: Part 2

Do emerging market economies have an image problem? We discuss why the reality is rosier then perception.