Livewire Expert Insights: The Expert’s Guide to Investing in China

29 August 2022

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If there’s anyone who knows about investing in the Asian behemoth, it’s Ox Capital Chief Investment Officer Dr Joseph Lai. He’s been investing, winding, and stock picking his way through Asia since 2004 when he was at Platinum Asset Management. Lai was eventually promoted to become lead portfolio manager of the flagship Asia fund.

When people think of investing and news in Asia, chances are the first place you think of is China. The country’s geopolitical manoeuvers, infrastructure spending sprees, and homegrown technology innovation schemes have not left the headlines since the Global Financial Crisis. But it’s those same headlines that have caused some investors, like big tech analysts at JP Morgan, to call some companies in China “uninvestable”. 

In this edition of Expert Insights, Dr Jo joined Livewire for a deep dive into the tiger economy, from how to invest in Chinese assets to navigating the complex regulatory environment.

Produced by Livewire Markets and published on 23 August 2022.

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