Livewire Expert Insights: Joseph Lai’s first portfolio additions

25 October 2021

Breaking ground: Joseph Lai’s first portfolio additions

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Setting up a new fund is a time of joy and nervous anticipation. There’s deciding on a new name, hiring talented investors and putting your own capital into the fund, but nothing quite beats breaking ground with the first few additions to your portfolio.

Dr Joseph Lai, Chief Investment Officer at Ox Capital, is in such a place after more than 17 years managing the Asian strategy at Platinum Asset Management.

“When I scan the market, most of the emerging markets are cheap so there are a lot of interesting ideas,” he says. “The only market that is expensive is India… What we look for are good long-term themes at attractive prices.”

In this Expert Insights video, Lai runs through his investment theses for two emerging markets’ stocks with massive potential. The first capitalises on healthcare trends in the well-regulated nuclear imaging and therapy market, while the second leverages increasing consumption habits for luxury goods in domestic China. 

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