Philosophy & Approach

The team seek to participate in the vast growth opportunities and long-term trends in emerging markets. 


Our core beliefs are:

  • We like to own structurally growing businesses and emerging markets are the source of many of these businesses.
  • An appreciation for how markets behave in different economic environments allows for generation of excess returns whilst also managing market volatilities.
  • An ESG focus by businesses reflects business quality and is a source of returns.
  • Markets can be inefficient, and we seek to exploit mispriced opportunities.


Our investment approach is to identify the immense changes taking place in Asia and other key emerging markets and to find opportunities that can benefit from these changes. Put simply, we seek to do the following:

  • Identify good businesses that are positioned to take advantage of changing dynamics as a result of rapid economic growth in Asia and other key emerging markets.
  • Have the discipline to acquire these businesses only when they are cheap.
  • Protect portfolio against periods of volatility using a combination of top down and bottom up quantitative and qualitative analysis. Otherwise let these companies compound.